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' The Elements ' -

Spiritual Self & Soul Space 2018

Project Contemporary Artspace

255 Keira St, Wollongong, NSW

    Exhibiting Artists:
Keith Chidzey, Sue Bishop,
Stevon Orlando & Erin Kathleen Muir. 
                                  Thurs 20 Sep - Sat 13 Oct, 2018
                               Opening Night: Sat 22 Sep, 5 pm
                       Artist Talks and drinks on the Opening Night.
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About the 2018 Exhibition

The 2018 group exhibition offerred an opportunity for Artists to explore their spiritual connection and individual practice.


The contemporary collection of works drew professionals from various fields, with Art Practice playing a strong role in their spiritual identity and purpose. Faith and spiritual beliefs surfaced with individual and collective dialogues being respectful and reflective.​ 


The 2018 Exhibition was entitled 'The Elements', pertaining to relationships of the whole.

Exhibiting Artists

Keith Chidzey
Sue Bishop
Stevon Orlando
Erin Kathleen Muir
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Join each of the exhibiting artists for Opening Evening drinks & Artist Talks from 5pm.


Keith, Sue, Stevon & Erin will give reflection on their enthusiasm and driving concepts for work exhibited in the current show.

As a special highlight from dusk, Keith Chidzey's ''Ice & Fire'' Performance will be shown as a one-night only delight.


All the artists look forward to a beautiful opening amongst friends and community.

This is a catered, community event courtesy of the contributing artists.


Opening & Artist Talks



We have enjoyed the passage of the archetypal seeker, artist-conversation and elemental quality of delivery both situational, in the gallery context of exhibition display at Project Contemporary and other realms as forums of commitment to community engagement & educational message through the art. The collaboration has been extremely successful, giving-essence to framework development in the areas of teaching, commercial representation through loyal connections in collaborative atmosphere, wellness attributes to the natural, discursive role implementation of time in the energy of art creation and interactive exploration. With continued connection through space, appropriate dialogues and inclusive relationships of the personal and 'shared commons' in faith and spiritual designation, we contribute to documented awareness of art exploration, a vehicle 'becoming' and lovingly -passionate for solace with spirit, divinity and soul space, of diverse account, origin and meaning to those contributing. Seven exists as a breathtaking divine connection, attributing value to the whole, serenity and grace in common ground where the humanly personal is dignified, regarded and valued. Every attribute has meaning to sanctified space and with that growth-aspect has awareness for the individually blessed in their involvement and with furthered zest and inspiration into future, individual and collaborative explorations through their art, in soul space.


With thanks to Project Contemporary Artspace, committee involvement and support, supporting profound representation, themes and providers at Wollongong Council and creatively-passionate community in viewing and engaging in pleasing, respectful dialogue around representation, themes and cross-currents. The artists and myself as sponsor are fulfilled in participation, discovery and with reflection, looking to future exhibitions.


Erin Kathleen Muir

From the Exhibition Coordinator

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