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About the 2022 Exhibition

Spiritual Self & Soul Space returns in 2022 as an unfolding of the art lens, encapsulating the elements once again and moving forward into thematic territory, with connection through spaces.

We welcome you to get acquainted with Artist Bios and art direction by each participating group show member. Throughout the time period of the pandemic, all participating artists have looked to honouring current directions and relevant concepts given the impact of social distance, engagement opportunities for connecting and a return to individual experiences in positive spiritual connection.

Exhibiting Artists

Stevon Orlando
Keith Chidzey
Sue Bishop
Erin Kathleen Muir

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' Connecting through spaces ' -

Spiritual Self & Soul Space 2022

Project Contemporary Artspace

255 Keira St, Wollongong, NSW


Opening & Artist Talks

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The opening attendance requires no RSVP, with signature upon admission by all attendees expected for Photography permissions. This will be a COVID safe opening, with all required current conditions and administration observed.


Respectful relationships and an friendly atmosphere continues to be anticipated as part of this community - attended event and exhibition in duration. Masks will not be mandatory based on current regulations, however we are encouraging social distancing & preventative care. We will be observing and monitoring space hygiene, with sanitisation stations available and food handling safety awareness a part of opening catering. Numbers will be monitored to ensure compliance at the event.

Gallery Hours: Wed - Fri 11 am -  5 pm, Sat - Sun 12pm - 4pm


It has been almost four years since the inaugural focus of Spiritual Self and Soul Space. At the last group show opening night, Keith Chidzey expressed a genuinely beautiful acknowledgement of Spirit as all visitors stood in a circle around a slowly melting ice formation with fire element. There were photographed image stills framed in the 2018 show as documented expressions of the meditative inclusions that we contemplated and in relation. These were from a previous installation. This performance and accompanying introduction set the tone for positive relationships to themes explored inside the gallery. 

The qualities of the connection were expressed by all the artists on wall spaces and plinths, with an interesting series of visual & spiritually - correspondent colourants and formations for contemplation. As natural continuation, we respond to the theme

'Connecting through Spaces'. The centering aspect of the first show gave birth to primary currents, and foundation engagements for exploring 'the personal' - as individuals we all engage in these human conversations with our art, in spiritual passage. While Covid-19 has brought ranging imprints, the stories of positive culture & connection to Spirituality becomes increasingly significant. We are all blessed by the simplicity of the act of 'experiencing art', 'sharing human conversation in this domain' and being in positive-realm, always. 

Again, we are thankful to be participating in this gallery expression at Project Contemporary Artspace as part of an engaged Illawarra art district.

Erin Kathleen Muir

Download the 2022 Education Kit as a pdf resource. Available from 16.12.2022.

From the Exhibition Coordinator

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