Stevon Orlando

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Self Across Time1450 x 610cm,   Oil, acrylic and mixed-media on canvas   2021

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Jenna and the Angels,  1500 x 75cm,  Pencil, watercolour and gold leaf on paper  2021

Artist Introduction

Over the decades my art practice has changed and evolved to reflect the different stages of my life and to express the influences of the times. As an Art teacher and practitioner, I have tried to covey a deep passion for the importance and relevance of the visual arts in helping each of us make sense of our life. My expressive themes have centred on “the self” and in particular the subjective powers that shape us to be the person we recognise as who we are. My research focuses on philosophical constructs of our personality and as a result my paintings and drawings convey expressions of identity which encompass spiritual, mental and esoteric concepts.

In recent years I have pursued a more representational and figurative style of art. This helps me create works that are personalized and truly about the people I am painting. To these portraits I insert the vast array of symbols and contexts that have filled my imagination since the 1980s.


Statement about Connections

The paintings and drawings in this exhibition each subtly conveys a memory or moment in time for specific people. Artworks are composed as an arrangement of separate canvas panels where one panel is a portrait and this hangs beside another panel which is the image or symbol of a memory. Some artworks consist of two or more portraits and two or more juxtaposing panels. The viewer is invited to look at the group of panels in the artwork and in so doing they will naturally begin to imagine their own narrative of how the panels relate to each other. They may envision underlying meaning relevant to the person or people portrayed.

For the viewer, this arrangement of individual panels triggers a physical process of repeatedly looking backwards and forwards across the spaces that are on and between the panels. The viewer is mentally constructing meaning through an action of making connections. So, on one hand, connection through spaces relates to the viewer’s interaction with the positive and negative spaces of the juxtaposing panels in order to build a storyline of what is being communicated.

Time also occupies its own negative and positive spaces and one’s act of remembering is a mental expedition from the present to a moment across time. The people portrayed in the artworks and their juxtaposing panels show the “now”, as viewed in the portrait, set against the “then” which is the panel symbolising the memory. Connection through spaces, when viewed through this lens, correlates with the sitter’s memory which exists in its own complex space, linking with their present self.

Tarek Sawires

Keith Chidzey

Sue Bishop

Erin Kathleen

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Documentations from 'The Elements',  Spiritual Self & Soul Space     2018


From Colour Effervescence Series - Purity, 101.6 x 152.4cm  Oil on canvas    2021

From Primordial Orange & Ultramarine Oracle, 101.6 x 152.4cm  Oil on canvas    2021

Bird Wing aspect & Selah


In my willow charcoal works, the lightest of powder is a soft-quiet appreciation in the quiet space in which I work – The particle interactive consciousness is an awareness of simple and more complex, unspoken-about spiritual connections. I have spoken minimally about the eastern framework of tools and channeling connections, and with these I moderate my communication given the sensitive nature of the relationship to channeling, spirit dialogue and mediumistic experiences.

In production, I am working on a return to flight concepts away from the willow charcoal, and utilizing the soft to more subtle & vibrant colour availabilities of soft pastel ( charcoal’s sister ), and that of the incredible colour resonance of bird life.

The word ‘selah’ conjures up all the sensory knowing of the ‘ineffable divine’, esoteric-window availabilities – it is a undefined relationship as it involves the shapeshifting sensation in consciousness, our ‘rock’ as physical, living vehicle in situational soul-breath, shift cognition & “of, as spirit”. This I offer as a descriptive interpretation, relational and just that,an ‘offering’.

In the series of images, I hope to explore the cresting-birth to winged, flight territory. The Bird Oracle gives honesty to felt alignment to all that exists in feature and with appreciation for archetypal light – rendition. We are of duality, flying – non-restrictive bloom

[ constructive ]; actively confident with life zest and active faith. As substance, our gravitation circumstance is in the earth realm and we are in the presence of spirit-omnipresent relationship. From Sound Call and response, air-born mystique & close intimate presence  - I also give pictorial address to all of the abstractions. The extract to knowing hearts reveal in the above interpretation, is the also quiet appreciation of what I intend and plan to image in my upcoming deck. A love of liberation, freedom and strength is a Bird call.

Select works from both larger oracles in development, will be shown at Spiritual Self & Soul Space 2022, along with other series of my works in oil painting, drawing, and installation. Energy Work continues to be a feature of 'embracing colour - cognition' and the simplicity of situational remedial acquisition in therapeutic response. 

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