Gallery & Exhibition Dialogues

2022 Exhibition - Gallery 

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We look forward to continuum and new art terrain (art collaborations) for the next group exhibition in 2025.

The Education & Community Engagement Team are currently working on requested Educational Resources that draw on specific content and relevant relationships from the 2022 show.

If you would like to Book an Individual Artist(s) for Guest Artist Seminar & related talks, please visit the contact page. 

Commissioned work and Post Exhibition Sales may be made as enquiries through individual artist contacts or via the contact page.

All photographs, graphics and writing on this website may not be used without formal permission. Individual Titles by artists are not listed and all museum devices have not been published, with respect for the Artist Voice. Only Individual Artists may deliver content around their Art, with inappropriate teacher commentary being understood with an immediacy in subtle awareness and known as insensitive and culturally disrespectful. Please be aware the Education Kit has been introduced, with maintained respect for Individual Artists' and their professional, established careers in and outside Education. We appreciate when this is understood as professional consideration amongst teachers in any setting.